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All You Need to Know about Montessori Method of Education

All You Need to Know about Montessori Method of Education

What is a Montessori School?

A Montessori School is a school that adapts child-centered educational approaches up to this day. The Montessori school believes that a child is someone who is naturally eager for more knowledge and that a child will be capable of leading a learning process in a supportive and well-prepared learning process. With this, the child has the freedom to choose a subject from a number of developmentally appropriate activities.

Who pioneered the Montessori Method of Education?

The Montessori Method of Education was developed in 1907 by the first woman physician of Italy, Dr. Maria Montessori. The method that was formulated by Dr. Montessori itself, which was named Dr. Montessori’s Method has been proven and tested for a long time, and was proven to be compatible to almost 100 cultures all over the world.

Why is the Montessori Method of Education different from other methods of education?

Generally, Montessori educational system is a model of human development. There are two basic principles that are emphasized by this model which are:

(1) A child and even a developing teenager engage themselves on psychological self construction through their interaction on their environment and;

(2) A child under the age of six has an inborn path of psychological development.

Dr. Montessori observed natural or inborn characteristics present in the human characteristics. These characteristics were identified as the “human tendencies” by her son and collaborator, Mario Montessori. These human tendencies are the characteristics or a series or pattern of behavior which compel the individual to construct and refine the society to get their basic needs.

The following are the human tendencies which can help teachers, parents and even the society:

  • Exploration
    The exploration tendency is the force which drives an individual to be curious and explore the world and at the same time, gain knowledge about everything that he will meet. All human beings have the potential to explore the world since they have the tremendous desire to gain knowledge, read, research and travel.
  • Orientation
    It is the ability of oneself to orient in new situations as well as coping up from bad experiences. It would also apply to a child on how he should fit into a new environment on a particular time.
  • Order
    It is the capability of an individual to understand his own surrounding. It can be the predictability of his own life by which everything has its own place.
  • Manipulation of objects
    It is the ability of the individual to touch and handle things to take control of the activity.
  • Repetition
    This is the capability of an individual to do things over and over to achieve perfection. With this, he will feel satisfaction due to the increased control and understanding of the world.
  • Exactness
    It is the individual’s desire to be precise and constant for the thing to be near to perfection. It is the tendency to maintain stability and prevent accidents.
  • Discipline of error leading to perfection
    This is the capability of an individual to develop until he will be satisfied of his own self.
  • Communication
    It is the ability of the individual to understand each other and also, be understood on the process.

These tendencies will be recognizable elsewhere once we will be able to understand the underlying forces that compel human development. To fully understand these forces, Little Genius Montessori offers Early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA for your kids.

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