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How to Encourage Children to Go for Healthy Snacks

How to Encourage Children to Go for Healthy Snacks

A healthy and balanced diet is vital for a child’s growth. Every meal should be packed with essential nutrients, especially on snacks. Even if packed or instant foods are convenient, parents can and should prioritize nutritional value by creating healthy and delicious snacks that will fill the constantly hungry tummies of their children.

Little Genius Montessori, provider of early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA is an advocate of healthy eating to our young learners. Below are just some of the tips we turn into in order to help encourage children to choose healthy snacks over sweets and other foods with preservatives:

Stimulating kids by pairing fruits and vegetables with a healthy dip

Statistics show that snack time accounts for about 10-15% of a child’s daily calorie intake. Use the opportunity to create a delectable snack by including fruits and veggies and add a healthy dip like hummus. Hummus is a perfect companion for dipping vegetables and is high in fiber and protein. It is a great way for kids to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.

If the kids are craving for something sweet, use yogurt for dipping. Greek yogurt is appropriate for a protein-packed snack although the tangy flavor may discourage kids from eating it so we suggest you to add a little honey. As a health tip, make sure that the yogurt contains live active cultures and as much as possible avoid anything with too much sugar.

Supervising an eating regimen to build foundation for a healthy lifestyle

Nutritious snacks are important in helping children develop healthy eating habits and a regular eating schedule. Encouraging children to eat nutritious snacks allows them to develop a healthy relationship with food. Moreover, they will also learn that healthy food can be tasty and delicious at an early age which in turn helps in building a strong foundation for healthy eating habits as they grow up.

Preparing healthy meals strengthen family bonds

Preparing healthy snacks or any other meal provides a great opportunity for kids and their parents to spend time together. Giving children free reign in choosing and making their own food is a great learning experience. Plus, they get to help out in the kitchen.

Options in involving kids to make fun and delicious snacks include using funky utensils in baking. You can try making sweet treats filled with vegetable nutrition. Sweet potatoes can also be used as an alternative for potato chips.

Encouraging them to eat in healthy proportions

An important component for healthy snacking is portion control. Remember to take note of your child’s calorie needs. While healthy snacking is great, kids need a treat. By making treats accessible but in limited quantities, children are encouraged to eat healthy snacks.

Do you have more suggestions you can share with us? Send us a message through our website at www.littlegeniusmontessorilc.com.

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