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How To Raise Confident Kids In A “Self-Doubting” World

How To Raise Confident Kids

The way our world views beauty, intelligence, and success has greatly distorted most of our personal view of ourselves. The mainstream media has led us to believe that we have to “be this” and “achieve that” to attain personal worth. And this lie has started to creep into our young generation, twisting their idea of self confidence and self value.

As parents, it is our task to raise them up with the right perspective of what security is all about. And we have to do this while they are still young and still forming their own personal abstraction of their world and everything that goes around them.

Establish a stable cue-response pattern while they are young.
During infancy, it is important for us to urgently respond to the needs of our babies, which they usually make known through their cries. It is at this point when they start to establish cue-response patterns. This pattern will tell them how we respond to the cues they give like giving milk when they cry for hunger or picking them up when they cry for comfort. Knowing that we will always be there for them gives them security and that they are loved and constantly attended to.

Invest time on quality family bonding.
We have to shape our children’s idea of how precious the gift of time is versus expensive material presents. Investing time to play with them while they are young and encouraging them to experience new things will make them prefer these bonding moments with family over the money we give them to buy what they want. When they know that they are special because they are given time, they will not turn to other things to make them feel important.

Monitor their school activities.
When they start going to school, it is best that we take time to monitor their activities. School programs and values can greatly influence our children’s behavior and mindsets, thus, it is important for us to check if the school we are sending them to embraces our own set of personal beliefs especially when it comes to building the right self-image.

As an institution which provides early childhood education in Hillcrest Ave. Antioch CA, Little Genius Montessori is committed to being a family-friendly school. With this, we hope to espouse the family values that your own family is holding dear, as you raise your children to become secure individuals who do not look into the world for self worth.

Should you have queries with regards to our school programs, activities, and core values, we encourage you to give us a call at 925-754-6771 so you can set an appointment with our director for a more comprehensive answer.

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