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Little Genius Montessori: What type of learner are you?

There are three types of learners. Which one are you?
a. Auditory learner
b. Visual learner
c. Kinesthetic learner

If you aren’t sure yet, Little Genius Montessori, your trusted provider of early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA, gives you the following facts to know where you belong.

Auditory learners

These types of learners benefit most from the traditional teaching styles used in the classroom. Pupils of early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA who are of this type learn by listening. They rely primarily on their ears, not their eyes, for taking in and comprehending relevant information.

Are you an auditory learner?
Do you tend to talk to yourself or read aloud when studying new terms? If you do, then you are.

How could you maximize learning new knowledge if you are an auditory learner? Here are some tips from Little Genius Montessori:
– Take classes which offer more lecture-based learning.
– Join a study group where you talk about lessons together.
– Record your notes verbally and play them back to learn better.

Visual learners

Some children studying at a provider of early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA learn better when they are shown diagrams, pictures, films, charts and written directions. If you are like them, then you are a visual learner. People of this type find it easier to learn by reading and studying written words.

Are you a visual learner?
Think about how you understand directions to get from one location to another. If you prefer them to be written or drawn, then you are a visual learner.

How could you use this style best? Little Genius Montessori thinks that these strategies will bring out the best in you:
– Focus more on the teacher or lecturer’s visual presentation.
– Try to visualize new information in some real-world scenario.
– Create your own notes, flow-charts or diagrams for study purposes.

Kinesthetic learners

Most students of Little Genius Montessori, which provides early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA, belong to this type. They learn better through touching, feeling, or experiencing the lessons. They are most successful when they are totally engaged with the learning activity.

Are you a kinesthetic learner?
If you need to always do something in the process of learning, like taking notes, highlighting book passages, or in any other way, then you belong to this type of learners.

If you are a kinesthetic learner, you will benefit from these activities most:
– Creating your own outline on paper while going through the lessons.
– Reading or listening to the lessons while doing another exercise, like walking.

How about you, what type of learner are you? How do you learn best?

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