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Spot the Signs: Is YourChild a Genius?

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Every responsible and loving parent considers a child a gift. But, having a genius child is more than just a blessing. If you suspect or hope that your child is one of the genius baby club, then you need to consider spotting some signs. We, at Little Genius Montessori, one of the best providers of Early childhood education in Appian Way Pinole CA, offer you these four easy-to-spot signs which can help tell if your child is a genius.

Spot the signs:

  • Good Memory
    Not all children have good memory. At very young age, you can easily tell if your child has good memory through his behaviours. This may include remembering where he left certain things or toys, navigating his ways inside your home, telling when it’s time for something and more. When you notice your child has exceptional memory, he might be a little genius.
  • Exceptional Concentration and Alertness Skills
    Gifted children acquire exceptional concentration and alertness skills. Good concentration can be his key to absorbing vast new ideas and learnings. While being alert allows him to be positively aware of the environment. Your child might be a little genius if he can appropriately respond to what he notices in the environment, including your voice, and if he can deeply concentrate on something despite the distractions.
  • Interested to Learn
    Most children are just interested in playing, running, and having fun. Of course, this is the life they should have during childhood, full of fun and entertaining activities. But, when you notice your child is so much interested in learning new things, like how he stares, listens, and iterates something you say or from wherever he finds interesting, then he could be the next genius child.
  • Excels in Child Milestones
    Child milestones are set to determine normal or average child growth and development, like talking, walking, reading and more. When your child meets these milestones ahead of other children or ahead on the set milestones, then he could be a little genius.

At Little Genius Montessori, an outstanding provider of Early childhood education in Appian Way Pinole CA, we believe that being genius is not just inborn, but can as well be cultivated through early education and continuous learning support.

To support your little genius and help him continuously learn and develop new skills, you can enroll him at Little Genius Montessori, a top Early childhood education in Appian Way Pinole CA. With us, we can help you nurture and cultivate his inborn talents, allow him to grow, excel and become a genius.
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