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Stress-Free Parenting: How to Encourage Preschoolers the Right Way

How to Encourage Preschoolers the Right Way

Parents are feeling the jitters as their children get old enough to start studying. It is actually normal to feel this way but do not let this feeling get in the way to properly encouraging your children to start studying at an early age. The early years are indeed critical but starting too soon or too late is not also good for them.

Getting an early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA for your young learners might come off stressful for parents especially with some doubts whether their children would want to be left alone in school or not. Ever heard of children crying out through the window? Or know they are screaming and running around the classroom showing no sign of interest in studying? You can actually do something for your preschoolers before they start preschool and this is through reading and speaking.

1. Read stories regularly
Studies have shown results about children from 0-2 years old who have been read by bedtime stories and nursery rhymes have built a more developed linguistic capability in reading and listening. As early as 6 months old, you can already let them listen to you read stories so that as they grow older, they would be familiar with the sounds you make and they can enjoy reading with you as well.

2. Show how enjoyable reading can be together
You make reading a fun activity by making funny voices while reading tales and sharing the dialogues between you and your child. You can also have puppet stories to show simple action figures as you read along with your stories. Never fail the joy of reading through your facial expressions because children are very much attentive and sensitive to basic gestures.

3. Place names on objects
When handling with common words like that would sound new to them, you can familiar names to the objects like Mommy’s smile, Daddy’s shirt, and your baby’s pajamas. Sooner or later, their brains will develop into a complex system that can easily identify which from which and who from who.

4. Know when to stop
Although it was advised early on that you have to read regularly but their minds are also still developing so you should not exhaust them too. You have to adjust to their attention span and make the most of the time that they are interested in learning. You have to make a daily routine for reading so that they will also develop a sense of habit for reading.

5. Show them how to write
Writing is another macro skill that needs to be practiced. Writing can start from drawing monsters on the wall to creating jumbled letters on paper. You can join them in writing so that they would also realize and follow your lead in writing. Writing is also very much encouraged when you plan to get early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA.

6. Make regular appointments with your pediatrician
Check with your pediatrician on how their health regularly. For parents who are noticing a problem about his/her language development, hearing or sight, make sure to see your child’s pediatrician or teacher as soon as possible.

Plan your early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA with us here atLittle Genius Montessori! Let your children enjoy the best and fun way of learning early today!

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