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Unwrap Your Child’s Unique Gifts

Unwrap Your Child’s Unique Gifts

“Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.”

Most parents find Montessori schools an irrelevant concept. They understand how traditional preschools and kindergartens work, and they have most likely attended them themselves. They believe that Montessori schools offer the same tradition – traditions that their child can obtain even at the context of their own homes. But learning to understand how a Montessori education differs significantly from a more traditional approach can give greater impacts to the decisions that parents are making with regards to their child’s early learning experiences. Here at Little Genius Montessori, we match your concerns with our modern and more efficient approaches in child learning. We offer top quality early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA. Let us lead you with reasons as to why we are your best partner in shaping your child’s future.


A Montessori school does not only help your child develop a conscious and lasting love of learning; it also helps parents like you during the onset of such development. Let’s face it – a child’s early learning experiences are strong foundations for their lifelong learning advancements. Not all parents are knowledgeable enough to pinpoint specific areas as to where their child needs to grow and improve. Sometime you need to think outside the box. Sometimes you need help from child education experts.

At Little Genius Montessori, we provide steady feedbacks to parents regarding their child’s learning developments. We become a “bridge” to both parents and children, and in doing so, we maximize our assistance in bringing quality education for these young learners. We give parents some working responses, ideas and methods that support and strengthen their child’s learning experiences, even at the context of their own homes.


In Little Genius Montessori, your child will be readily given with the tools they need to learn how to explore further. Most young learners are incapable of exploring information on their own. Information is presented to them by teachers, either in lecture or book format. If it’s not, children would most likely never find out such information. With our classroom education, we encourage taking that quality of learning to the next level. Your child will fully learn new things, even on their own, rather than just sitting and absorbing bits of information presented to them by their teacher. This kind of approach is practiced on all of our locations, such as our first-rate early childhood education in Hillcrest Avenue, Antioch, CA.

With Little Genius Montessori, your child will foster all their needed abilities and knowledge in preparation for their succeeding educational advancements. Your child will learn and develop what they are good at. Children will be able to explore their own skills and nurture them through the help of our professionals and their parents as well. They will be exposed to a learning environment that is enveloped by rich experiences through learning and sharing from their classmates’ interests, attitudes and skills.

Unwrap your child’s unique gifts at Little Genius Montessori. We offer early childhood education in Appian Way Pinole CA as well. Call us for more information.

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