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What Your Child Learns from a Montessori Education

What Your Child Learns from a Montessori Education

Montessori education is not your typical kind of education. In fact, it is a special type of education that is founded on special and unique beliefs and ways. In a classic classroom scenario, it is always desks facing the board with the teacher standing in front and discussing today’s lessons, right? But in a Montessori education, you will never see a board in each classroom or a classroom filled with desks and chairs.

Little Genius Montessori is one such provider of early childhood education in Appian Way Pinole CA that base its philosophy on the Montessori way of education. Below are some of the ways children learn from our style of teaching without the need for desks and other regular school practices.

Arithmetic Skills

In a regular classroom setting that incorporates math, children are required to sit down, listen to their teachers, and answer whatever activity that is prepared by the teacher. This is not observed in a Montessori school. Young learners learn how to write numbers by tracing sandpapers on brightly colored sheets. And if they graduated from this task, they are required to draw these numbers on a box of rice with their fingers.

How about counting? They use the age-old abacus! We even teach measurements by letting them fill a measuring cup using dried beans. Place values? They learn through beads in our early childhood education in Appian Way Pinole CA. Now that is what you call putting the fun in learning!

Discipline and following rules

In a Montessori school, you always see children in a single pile with their hands at their back. This method teaches them the importance of not only discipline but also orderliness.

Aside from that, did you know that we let children sleep whenever they want? But wait, it is not suitable, is it? A school is a place of learning and not a place to sleep. Yes, a school is indeed a place to learn but it is not a place where children are required to neglect their needs just to conform to rules. A school is a place where children learn about real life and not a prison.


Forget memorizing the map and all the capital cities of the world. In our early childhood education in Appian Way Pinole CA, we introduce our young learners to geography by using hands-on map puzzles. In the long run they are required to make their own map using different materials. This way, children will retain their learning on the subject without pressuring them to “remember” certain facts.

Life skills

We discourage home works here in Little Genius Montessori. Why is that so? It is because we believe that children need to use their own time bonding with the family and playing at home and not focusing on tasks. They already are doing it at school so what does having more home works get to do with learning more? In our school, we teach them life skills instead of giving them some tests. They even get to learn how to button their shirts, tie their shoes and many more stuff that you cannot learn in a conventional school.

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